Home help and house keeping

We know home is where you feel most comfortable, so we’re here to provide all the support you need to stay in the place you know and love. Your wellbeing worker can help with a wide range of chores, to ease the pressure

What is home help and housekeeping?

Our home help and housekeeping service for older people in Leeds is designed to support you to live well in your own home. We can help with all your chores (cooking and cleaning, running errands or taking the bins out, defrosting the freezer or organising your paperwork and finances) while also being a friendly face and someone to chat to. The frequency, duration and nature of visits are tailored to your needs and can incorporate any of our other services too.
We know everyone has their own way of doing things, so we take careful note of your preferences and design the service around your needs. This may include:

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Cooking and meal preparation

We all understand the importance of a good diet. Regular, balanced meals are essential to maintaining health and wellbeing, but there often comes a time when cooking a healthy meal can prove to be too much of a challenge. Whether you need support to make three meals a day or just the occasional sandwich, your wellbeing worker can help. And, if you prefer company while you eat, your support can be tailored to include our sharing meals service, which can make all the difference to adults living alone.

Support with paperwork and financial management

Getting older often brings about new financial challenges. If managing your finances is becoming overwhelming, it might be time to get a bit more support. Your wellbeing worker can help you or your Power of Attorney to manage your money and organise your paperwork. From setting up direct debits, to paying cheques in at the local post office, your wellbeing worker is there to help things run a bit more smoothly. For clients living with a cognitive condition like dementia, we can support you by paying for shopping on your behalf. This can make day-to-day spending a little easier for you and your Power of Attorney to manage.


We know the value of being able to have a good browse and choose exactly what you want. Whether you’d like a trip to Horsforth Town Street or a hand with the weekly food shop, your wellbeing worker can help. As with all our services your support is tailored to you and may include: escorted shopping services, home delivery services or internet shopping services.

Decluttering and organising

Keeping up with the demands of running a home can be a challenge when we get older. If you haven’t had support before, things may have become difficult to manage and you may not know where to start. If this sounds familiar, we can help. Your wellbeing worker will support you to get things back on track by working with you to create a living space that’s more manageable, safe and clutter free.

Cleaning and tidying

A clean home always feels more welcoming and comfortable. But as we get older, domestic tasks can become more of a chore, and take more time and effort than they used to. Allied Hands can support you to keep on top of your home and create a relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

Laundry and ironing

Whether you’d like us to put the washing machine on, hang the clothes on the line, pop to the laundrette or do a bit of ironing, we’re here to keep your wardrobe as fresh and smart as ever.

Running errands

Your wellbeing worker is there to make life a little easier for you, so that you can focus on doing the things you enjoy. We can support you to pick up your pension, drop things off at the post office or even pop to the local shops.

Why is home help important?

Keeping up with the demands of running a home can be a challenge when we get older. Our loved ones may lead busy lives, with work or family commitments, or they might live too far away to provide regular help.

Our home help and housekeeping service in Leeds helps people stay independently in their own homes, whilst also making sure they’re safe and well. It counters social isolation, and can act as a pre-emptive step to keeping older adults out of hospital, or the first step towards accepting more comprehensive care in the future.

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