Social Activities

Doing what you enjoy is what makes life worth living, so we take your fun seriously! Whether you want to get out and about more, reconnect with an old hobby or start doing something new, we’ll support you to make it happen.

The benefits of taking up a social activity

Our Social Activities service for older adults in Leeds supports people to do more of what matters to them, whether that’s maintaining current hobbies and relationships, or connecting with new people and trying new things. As well as boosting your day to day enjoyment and general happiness, social activities are beneficial to your health. They are perfect for keeping you both physically and mentally active, not to mention young at heart! Our service reduces isolation, provides friendship, meaning and fulfilment, and improves overall wellbeing.

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We’ll find activities to suit you

Our Social Activities support for older adults in Leeds is simply about supporting you to do the things you enjoy. For some people, starting a new activity may feel a little daunting, especially if you haven’t socialised for a while. Your wellbeing worker is there to help and will support you to rebuild your confidence. They will focus on activities that suit you best and can even go along with you to offer moral support.

One to one activities

From day trips to the seaside to a visit to the local garden centre, a day out in Leeds or an afternoon lunch, our 1-1 activity service for older adults in Leeds is perfect for those seeking companionship. You can carry on doing the things you enjoy, and we’ll be right there beside you.

Group activities

Group activities are a great way to meet new people and make friends. From luncheon clubs to coffee mornings, chair-based exercise classes to ballroom dancing, there are hundreds of group activities we can connect you with or arrange on your behalf. For clients that need some extra support we can come along with you, or even just be a friendly face to go inside with. Or maybe you’d prefer us to just drop you off and pick you up – the choice is yours.

Escorting to activities

There might be an activity that you already enjoy attending but getting there may have become difficult, especially if you have limited mobility or a cognitive condition like dementia. If this is the case we can simply escort you, promptly and reliably, to and from your chosen group. 

Why are social activities important?

Evidence shows that staying social and active is key to ageing well. Socialising has been shown to help us stay mentally sharp as we age; it can be something to talk about, look forward to and revisit with happy memories. Yet as we get older, it’s normal for our social circles to become smaller and sometimes thinking about socialising and making new friends can feel overwhelming. You might like to socialise, but be unsure of where to start. 

Let Allied Hands help. Our Social Activities in Leeds service helps people stay connected, it reduces social isolation and improves health and wellbeing. 

If you’d like more information about Social Activities for the elderly in Leeds, you can simply complete our contact form. Or, if you’d prefer an informal chat, just give us a call.

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